Strategic Partneships


Dealing with youth in schools as well as tertiary institutions, our educational activities target youth mostly, and specifically, from remote and rural areas. They are facilitated by our vehicle called RURAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (RSA) which is a student chapter whose main purpose of existence is to develop, organize and promote ideas and programmes that will enhance adequate development of the rural students either solely or in collaboration with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and community based organizations, international and/or foreign agencies. That is what RSA is responsible for.

Exemption Matric Centre

Exemption Matric Centre is an upgrading tuition centre assisting learners who would want to increase their chances of tertiary access by rewriting some of their matric modules.
It boasts a spectrum of good quality educators and tutors who have been head-hunted and hand-picked based on their qualifications, experience and passion for the subjects that theyteach

Top Notch Communications

Targeting youth from rural as well historically black townships and marginalized
communities, our Sports and Arts programs seek to equip our members to participate
competitively while exposing them to available economic opportunities on this field.
TOPNOTCH COMMUNICATIONS is our events management agency specializing in
coordinating our programs right from data collection, management and liaising our
participating institutions. TNC also have artist management as part of its services.