Rural Right Non-Government Organisation

Rural Right NPC is a registered independent, Non-Government Organization (NGO) established for purposes of empowering rural youth for decent livelihood. Dominated mostly by students and graduates from rural areas and
characterized by professionals and specialists in various fields, the organization mobilizes youth to pioneer educational
and social programs that position them in the forefront of the struggles against the historical as well 21st Century youth
socio-economic challenges. It is a collection of passionate academics and individuals determined to impact positively on
the rural status quo. It boasts media personalities and role models who have volunteered to avail their expertise and
experience in enhancing the quality of this historical initiative
exists to bridge the gap between Secondary and Higher education while balancing the level of quality between rural and urban education system. Our strategic partnership with government, the public as well as the private sector, including
powerful media houses, has positioned all our initiatives for honor by all those pioneering the rural agenda.

An equal society with no margin between rural and urban standard of living.

Champion and channeling programs aimed at enhancing adequate development of rural youth be it individually or as a collective
Our programs and activities are aimed at all youth and young adults from rural communities and previously disadvantaged areas.

Core Objectives

**Collaborate with government agency, non-governmental organizations, community based organizations,
international and/or foreign agencies on developing and promoting ideas and organizing activities that will enhance proper and adequate development of rural youth.
**Develop and promote talents among the rural youth;
**Organize local, national, international learned conferences, seminars, workshops and awards focusing on the youth capacity building, and empowerment initiatives for full integration into the main stream of agricultural, rural and national economic development in South Africa;
**Organize and sponsor local, national and international competitions, shows, exhibitions, holidays and exchange programmes for rural youth;
**Organize training for rural youth on: exploration of rural resources, improved farm practices, poverty alleviation techniques, life enhancement and sex education, HIV/AIDS prevention and income generating/entrepreneurial activities, information and communication management technologies etc

Board Of Directors

Mr. L Mavundla

Chief Executive Officer & Projects
-ND Accounting (DUT)
-BCompt. (UNISA)

Ms. Ayanda Dube

Admin Director

Ms. Zomndeni Sokhela

Finance Director
-ND Operations Management (DUT)